Each single product has to pass different tests and measurements of quality control to be considered INTELLI 1 or INTELLIPRODUCT. Not only the price is what you will find here, but quality, international regulations and also special specifications for each single market which makes the products developed and classified as the best for your needs. Intelliproduct is a quality control protocol created by Charlie Xun in 1998 that was just recently released by any obligation to the company which owned the protocol. PLEASE CHECK OUR NEWS PAGE FOR THE PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED EACH WEEK AND FACTORIES THAT IN OUR JUDGEMENT COMPLY WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS.

  • INTELLI 1 Classifies all the products used to create or measure other products.
  • INTELLIPRODUCT is a product that its function ability makes it a part of the human life continuity  



We try to find or develop a product that expects what you think about the product, that do more than others of the same kind, quality or price range. With the accurate and actual technology for your needs.



Not only the product needs to works as it looks, but needs to last which is one of the most common complains we find in the customers, the lack of longevity in the products with low production cost or selling price. So the products here are not only chosen for look good and work nice, but that work for a long time and work well during that time. 


As one of our services is make those factories be more efficient in their procedures, this will impact directly the price of the products that we want the customer to be the direct effected with this benefit. 


We think a good product should work always fine, but there are many conditions in the environment and external conditions to any product that can deteriorate the functionality or quality of it, and that is why we only trust in companies that give us good warranty services and support as we will do for our customers. Also when we develop a product for a company we are always sure that the product will count with this 4th element. 


Our business have international verification and accreditation, in our retail stores, and in our bank procedures, including insurances and international protective regulations for customers which gives the confidence that we will be here today and we will be here tomorrow , and that is needed in a product to be good as well. 

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