Our Departments cover from Brand Designing to Business Solutions and Plans.

Specifics from Time and Space Measurements / Quality Control Procedures / Materials Research

Buyer Based Services like Sourcing / Raw Development / OEM Service / Customization of Products /

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If You need to develop a product, find a source, modify a product, create a quality control procedure, feel free to contact me. I am XiaoHua Jiang; you can call me Angel,  I am here to help you improve your product or find exactly what you need in the best efficient time/space conditions for you.

The Dragons under my wings will search anywhere, and do all the research in the whole country to find what you need. We will work with designers and engineers in other lands and lairs to develop and produce any product according to your specifications or find the raw materials or machines you need to develop the product by yourself.  

Email: red#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember @ instead of # )




If you need to improve your business plan, do a cost - efficiency study , improve your product, develop a new concept, solve your procedure cores problems, image of your company, branding campaign, advertising campaign or need to develop your business on-line and offline in another market you do not speak the language, please contact me. I am Charlie Xun (Juan Ruiz), I am here to help you to solve your efficiency issues and the quality of your product and business procedures.

Lately I am in charge of the DGC Media department and our "informercial on demand" service is avaiable to all factories in China by this new tool.

Also you can tweet with CharlieXun in Twitter. Pueden preguntar directamente a CharlieXun en su cuenta en Twitter.

Email: blue#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember @ instead of # )


For your payments to providers in China and resource of possible candidates to produce for you, we help you make the best decision and administrate your investment in China. We are reliable and we have experience with many countries managing financial assets. I am XianLi Xu; you can call me Jessica,  and I will manage your investment or payments in China, our fees are very affordable and our results are impecable. I also administrate your investment in DGC on the ROUC program.  

The right provider and right financial administrator in China, could be the key for your product feature or your brand. Talk with us, all services you will find in DGC to develop your product and brand, from 0 to Hero.

Email: snow#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember @ instead of # )


Time is money and savings are money, that is why I take care that your money is protected from over or extra cost and your products are safely package using the last resources available for product protection. Protect your investment and your money is my mission for you and my honor is assured by your satisfaction. I am Cao Lian, my dragons and me will pack safely and with the most affordable ways for your needs.

Email: brown#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember is @ not # )


If you know what you need, but you are not sure which product can do what you need or if you want to test functions of any product before you make your mind about purchasing, I would help you with pleasure. We also work and develop a product from your technical specifications or from your electronic plan or designs. I am Cherry Jiang, I am here to help you get what you need and how you need it. And if it does not exist, I can help you make it. 

Email: purple#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember is @ not # )


International regulation and protocols help business and factories preventing problems before they happen. if you are just creating your product or building your business, prevent problems and malfunctions before they happen, or prevent international quality rejection should be one of your main concerns. We are here to help you prevent any possible trouble your development can have in the future by the creation of the right protocols and enforce them in your project. I am Jojo Jiang and my system development capabilities and of my department are at your service. We help you prevent because engineering I think is the solution before the problem. 

Email: green#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember is @ not # )


Our business have long time of the year not only developing products and advicing companies, but also promoting and helping customers who need products in a minor scale, and we take it very seriously too. I am Linda Wu and I am sure everyday the online stores offer the best prices and high quality products from any city in china directly to your hands. Not because you do not need 1000 or 500 or 100 products you are not important, any single person that is in contact with us is important and I will make sure you get what you need in our online system. Talk to me if you need any help

Email: stores#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember is @ not # )

We have stores online and office in Houston, with Patricia Gonzalez usa01#dragongroupchina.com is her email 

In New York, with Dennis Woodgate in usa03#dragongroupchina.com

We are both in http://www.dragongroupusa.com/   from 2011


Software and chip procurement is the most important part of SDC Technology as is the web development of our own group pages and our associates in different languages. Also DGC has been working during a couple of years in gaming 3D platforms and mobile 3D, with a future association for the promotion of Mobex3D , http://www.mobex3d.com with Notorious Solutions and associates. DGC ANI-SOFT aims to get into production, creation and development of gaming concepts for the virtual arena and also for consoles or stand alone systems like the popular Vii and other future ones. My name is Ernawaty Yusuf, and me and my guild will help you if software is what you need for your project.

Email: indonesia#dragongroupchina.com


Si necesita ayuda en su plan de negocios, encontrar un producto en china, mejorar su producto, buscar una parte, la imagen de su empresa, una campaña de marca, crear una nueva marca o lo que necesite para desarrollar su negocio de la mejor manera,  Con gusto. Soy Anna Vargas, la dragon amarillo. Estamos aqui para ayudarle con la calidad de su producto y la eficiencia de su negocio. Si necesita ayuda para sus protocolos internacionales o implementar normas tecnicas en su negocio o producto, prevención es la clave del progreso.  
Email : espanol#dragongroupchina.com

http://www.skyhid.com in Venezuela esta en directo contacto con ustedes, pueden contactarlos en venezuela#dragongroupchina.com . Catalogos pronto en http://www.dragongroupvenezuela.com/ 


Our New service gives you the change to talk in real time with our representatives. And I will make sure everything goes fine and you are attended with courtesy and the respect you deserve.

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If you need help connecting with us, you can contact me to my email, none of the above users have email to answer, so please by email directly contact me. I am Leliana Kohl, here with a team of professionals ready to solve your questions.

Email: black#dragongroupchina.com ( Remember to change # into @ )

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