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What is ROUC ?

Is the right we have to use your inventory capital for a term of 12 months. 

Why is the right investment ?

The program works very easy, you do not need shares or stocks in companies that will give you just crumbs for your money, you do not need treasure bonds of countries that are every day in more wars and more spending, because a country can print the bills does not mean they have money. Just they can print bills. 

You dont need to buy property because still need 5 years to be stable and regain value.

What you need right now is your own inventories directly from factory in china and have a company that do all the advertising and marketing for you.

Your warehouse costs = 0

Your employees costs = 0

Your factory costs = 0

Your production costs = 0

Your profits = 15 % annual efective average ( is the sum of all the % getting in a period of 13 months divided in 12 )

How it works ?

You have an amount of money that is transfered ASAP ( Maxium 30 days ) into inventory  

with your own control over internet, camera access to your inventories 24/7 , and your own inventory online update it every single day. No Madoff or Ponzi fake reports, your own products, your own serial numbers, your own control.

Why you created this ?

Because in China, more than stocks, more than money, more than sales, the value is in the technology of the products itself and in the MOQ; the minimum amount of pieces I have to buy from my providers to make my products and the technology used is what makes me be better than other producers of technology. The more raw materials and components I buy the less price I pay to produce, the same amount of assemblers can do 1 to 3 pieces in 1.5 time of 1 piece. Also if I get less production cost, I can destinate half of my savings to decrease customer prices, and make promotions which will increase the sales, with that increment I have more kilos to ship every day, which will also give me more discount with my shipping company. From those 2 savings is that I pay for your money use, and I have a perfect self-sustainable unique structure, that is what is called in economics ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE.

All that is translated in a win - win - win structure never seen in the world before that even John Nash was frustrated for not reach. The factories win, in this case our own factories, the customers win, and you , the investor always win. 

How is the process for the payments ?

The ROUC is paid in 13 statements in variable % to for a total of 15 % at the 13 month in average. In the month number 12 the full amount of the ROUC coverage is returned and one more quota paid after it. 





























So, will be 15 % divided by 12 = 1.25 % Monthly , as the 13 month is paid after the amount of the original ROUC is refunded or the inventory released. either of the 2 in the month 12.


What is the maximum and minimum to be invested ?

Right now we only take ROUC for 10,000 , 15,000, 20,000, 25,000 , 30,000 or 50,000 usd.  

As bigger amounts of investment are already covered by Chinese investors, due to the success of the program we are making it public now to give more opportunity to others to participate in this new proposal, not only for chinese investors. Big amounts of investment we only take from Chinese, if you are interested in invest your money in a bigger amount than stated in this paragraph, you can be our special customer with pleasure, but not participate in this plan.  

What I can do to participate in this program ?

First travel to China, to Blue Dragon Holdings Limited office in Shenzhen, Ping An Bank building at 318 Fuhua Road, 12D office of Fuxin Building.

A- Then you will travel to our factories and installations around Guangzhou (if the amount is equal or less than 15,000 usd )

B- Then you will travel to our factories and installations around China ( As bigger ammounts of money are transfered into bigger machines made in north of China )

Anyone can participate in this program ?

No, unfortunately , I do not take money or make this temporary partnership with anyone, the people I do this kind of investment joint ventures with, have to possess knowledge in international business, economics, technology or engineering. It is important for accessing this program to understand all the concepts, the product values and technology we are using.

If you are just a person with money and not with knowledge, I am not interested about it, with all due respect, my communication with you is the most important about this, and this is a system to be part of a win - win technology innovation program, not only a money maker system

What if the products are not sold ?

I study markets and consumer behavior for a living, when i recommend you the product that your money will be transformed into, is because is a scientific reality that will be sold with no problem. 

What if i want the products to sell myself ?

Then you can claim them and have them in your hands, is your own money, but on that case, the ROUC is terminated and you pay the 12 % on the value one time, for rights of reselling directly from factory. 

Talk to me today or set your appoinment to visit China : scs#dragongroupchina.com  or intellixun#yahoo.com

Invest in China today, because is from here that we are building the world of tomorrow. 

Invest wise, with a company that knows how to create win - win situations. Be with DGC  

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